Toddler Care in Bethesda

Part time and full time enrollment available at our two Bethesda Centers

We specialize in the care and nurturing of these very young children. Toddlers are little learning machines! At this age your child may go from taking their first steps to charging across the room! They may go from working to form single words to putting together simple phrases. Such phrases often involve pointing and indicating something that your child may want. At this age we begin to focus on developing early communication skills emphasizing self expression.


Our Caregivers

Our experienced, professional caregivers are carefully trained to help Your toddler feel safe, loved, and well-cared for. They understand the importance of talking to the children, making eye contact, singing silly songs, cuddling, and gently modeling positive reinforcement and communication. Your child will have a primary caregiver who performs all of the one-on-one caregiving routines (feeding, changing, comforting, etc) and with whom your child will form a bond of intimacy. Studies on early brain development stress the importance of a single, consistent caregiver for the majority of the day. This caregiver provides a written daily report detailing your child’s day.

Toddler Environments


Our toddler environments are rich in materials which encourage exploration, active, interactive, and quiet play. Once young children develop a sense of safety and trust, we help them to become independent and self-confident and to develop social, language, and fine and gross motor skills.

Daily Routines and Activities

Daily routines include morning and afternoon snacks, bottles and/or sippy cups, lunch, hand washing, and diaper changes. Our toddlers are excited to begin napping on individually assigned cots. Daily activities include story time, music activities, outside time, and lots of play with age-appropriate toys. Toddlers do art activities each day, using a variety of materials. Special teachers visit the classrooms regularly to present activities and experiences in music & movement, sports & fitness, and foreign language exposure.

We provide cots, sheets, blankets, bibs, sippy cups, utensils, snacks and milk and water.

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16910 Georgia Ave.
Olney, Maryland 20832
phone: 301 260-1200
fax: 301 591-1376

East West

4330 East West Highway
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
phone: 301 656-5056

Bethesda - BCC & East West

4401 East West Highway
4330 East West Highway, Suite 110
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
BCC: 301 654-9253
East West: 301 656-5056


1375 Piccard Dr‎
Rockville, MD, 20850
phone: (301)841-7708


William is just so happy...

William is just so happy to go to school each day, and that gives me a little glimpse into the joyful way he spends each day at the shoe.

N. Chien
We love The Shoe!

"We love The Shoe! The staff has helped mold my daughter into a smart, caring and passionate child. I feel confident, everyday she's dropped off, that she is kept safe and cared for. Charleigh has been enrolled at The Shoe since she was 6 months o...

Alexandra Smith
The teachers and staff at The Children in the Shoe are amazing!

"The teachers and staff at The Children in the Shoe are amazing!  We have one child who graduated from the Shoe last year and was 100% ready for Kindergarten - largely because of all the educational and social activities she was exposed to in pre...

M. Smith
The teachers are warm and caring

"I have two daughters that attend The Children in the Shoe on a part time basis. My older daughter started in the toddler room and will soon be in the pre-school and my younger daughter started in the infant room and is now in the toddler room. We...

S. Hendrickson
I know that my children both love the environment and their teachers

"We have been with the “Shoe” for over 2 years now. We have 2 children currently enrolled, and will be enrolling our soon-to-be born 3rd child when the time comes. We have been extremely happy with the quality of the care our childr...

L. Sera
No other childcare center compared

"I am writing to compliment you on the remarkable team you have in place at The Children in the Shoe. Nowhere have I encountered such a happy, competent and synergistic group.

No other childcare center compared, hands down, when making my ...

Doug and Jennifer McIvor
Teachers genuinely care about the children!

"It's such a warm place where the teachers genuinely care about the children. The administration is responsive. I've used many daycares in the past with my older children and I can say that these positives are not everywhere."

N. Kobil-Brown
Our experience at The Shoe has been amazing!

"Our experience at The Shoe has been amazing. The true testament to the quality of care that our son receives is the fact that he wants to "stay and play" at pick up time. When his teacher jokes that he can come home with her, he says "YES!".  Wh...

Sebastian's Mom
A wonderful home away from home

"The Shoe is a wonderful home away from home for our son. We are thrilled with the care that our son is receiving in his infant class.  His teachers welcome him each morning with smiles and open arms. He is thriving and we couldn't be more please...

C. Goldberg
Exceeded all of my expectations

"The Shoe has exceeded all of my expectations of a daycare/preschool. The administration and teachers alike show a depth of caring and interest in each child that provides an utter sense of ease and calm for me as a parent. I know that my children...

S. Laycox

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